Concrete sealers are used to protect driveways, garage floors, countertops and other concrete floors from damage. Some sealers also offer the added benefit of making the concrete look better by adding a glossy finish.

Here are questions to ask yourself to help you pick the right concrete sealed.

Questions to Ask to Help You Pick the Right Concrete Sealer

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1. For what application will you be using your concrete sealer?

First, you want to understand how the different concrete sealers are used in different applications. A garage floor epoxy sealer may not be ideal for your driveway. Or a concrete driveway sealer may not give you the glossy finish you want for your concrete countertop.

2. Will your sealer be used outdoors or indoors?

Another point to consider is whether your sealer will be used outdoors or indoors. The reason why this is important is that certain types of sealers are more resistant to UV radiation compared to other sealers. The UV radiation from the sun can cause an unattractive yellowing of non-UV resistant sealers.

3. Do you want a glossy finish on your concrete?

Depending on what type of sealer you choose, you will get a range of glossy finishes. From no gloss to a super-high "wet" gloss. Also remember, a super glossy coating may also be slippery.

4. How important is the ease of application and maintenance?

Acrylic and penetrating sealers are relatively easy to apply as compared with epoxy sealers. Epoxies often need to be mixed before application and applied within a certain time frame.

5. How important is the cost?

When it comes to cost, acrylic sealers are the most inexpensive. Because of their ease of use a cost factor is an attractive choice for many.