When you run a business one of the common problems that is experienced is the lack of space. Starting a new business from scratch isn’t the problem. These days it is possible to become your own boss and bring in an income with nothing more than an idea and a laptop. However, as time goes on you begin to gather more paperwork, you need more equipment and the problem of working from home and enjoying a healthy work/life balance becomes increasingly difficult.

Setting Aside One Room

The first few months of working from home can be completed on a kitchen table without too much upset. The problems come when your business really begins to take off. You need to think like a professional and treat your work with the respect it deserves, and that means giving yourself space. You will need one room to use as an office. The room should be away from the distractions of the home, it needs a door and ideally its own phone line heading into the room. Clear out space, making use of the self-storage Esher solutions available in the area. Take the time to decorate the space and treat yourself to a decent chair, you’re going to need it!

Set the Ground Rules

If you have a family at home you’re going to have to be quite firm regarding interruptions. This is true if you have friends and family that are used to turning up unannounced for a cup of tea and a catch-up. Set your working hours and let everyone know that if the door to the office is closed that means you’re not to be disturbed.

Expansion problems

When you begin to collect data and expand your business you’re going to need more space. Paperwork is still a major problem for the self-employed even though a lot of data can be stored digitally. When it comes to tax documents, receipts and invoices you will need to keep hold of these documents for at least six years. Very quickly you will find your office space becomes lost under paperwork – so use the self-storage Kingston solutions as offered by http://www.storagebox.co.uk/contact-us.html as an affordable and secure solution to this problem.

Time for a Dedicated Office

There will come a time when working from home is no longer suitable. Usually, this is when you’re ready to take on new employees or an apprentice. Sometimes, home workers decide to make the move when they find it impossible to switch from work mode into personal time mode – a common problem experienced by many. While having the one room used as an office does help it can still be difficult to avoid falling into the trap of working late or working throughout the weekend.

Dedicated office space might seem like a big expense but there are affordable options available. Hot desks and shared offices are popular and can be used in conjunction with a self-storage provider where you can store all your paperwork and documents.