Photo View of Sydney Harbour Bridge From A Serviced Apartment

Wondering if you should book a hotel or serviced apartment in Sydney for your next weekend getaway? Well, this article is designed to help you understand key differences between the two at a glance, so you can make a quick, informed decision around which form of accommodation will best suit you while youre away from home.

Serviced Apartments Are Like A Home Away From Home

Unlike hotels, which are typically used for short term stays, serviced apartments offer a more homely experience, so youll feel like you can stay for as long (or as little!) as you need in Sydney. Serviced apartments are fully furnished, self-contained living spaces equipped with all the features that are characteristic of a modern hotel room, only they include a lot more! A serviced apartment not only includes a bathroom, shower and toilet, but it will also feature a kitchenette where you can prepare your own meals, a laundry room so you can wash your clothes without having to drop into the laundromat. Furthermore, serviced apartments continue to offer hotel-like services such as gyms, swimming pools, parking concierges and housekeeping, all included within the rental price. But best of all serviced apartments are normally filled with plush furnishings, cooking utensils, and basic appliances, so tenants need not bring anything but themselves and the clothes on their backs!

Serviced Apartments In Sydney Are An Affordable Option!

Studies have shown that when youre looking for accommodation in Sydney, opting for a serviced apartment can be an affordable option, especially if youre looking for something more long-term in Sydney. Unlike a hotel room, where you will pay a flat nightly rate whether youre there for a week or a fortnight, the rate for a serviced apartment is typically based on the length of your stay. The longer you plan to stay in Sydney, the less expensive the rent will be. Plus, its worth taking into account the extra savings youll make from cooking your meals at home rather than ordering room service!

Great Privacy

Serviced apartments aim to foster an atmosphere of privacy, and always strive to respect their guests rights to peace and quiet. As well as avoiding the general traffic of hotel staff and other guests as you navigate lobbies, elevators and corridors, you will always find that serviced apartments offer a less intrusive experience than hotels. You can generally select the frequency with which you require housekeeping services, if you want them at all or, if youre not a fan of interruptions at all, you can even locate serviced apartments that offer little to no on-site staff!

photo of inside a serviced apartment in Sydney

While hotel rooms remain a plausible option for overnight stays, serviced apartments in Sydney outperform them in almost every other aspect as a form of accommodation. When you stay in a serviced apartment, you get the experience of a home away from home without taking away the modern convenience of hotel-like services. You have a wider range of facilities and amenities at your disposal as well as more privacy as a guest, and all at a price that wont drain your bank account.